Living Water

Living Water

September 20, 2015

John 7:37-53

Notice the…
  1. Presentation (Feast of Booths)
    1. “In the last day (of the feast), that great day of the feast,…”
      1. There was no sound, no water in the pitchers – God was yet to fulfill His promise
  2. Proclamation
    1. “…Jesus cried with a loud voice…”
  3. Possession
    1. “…if ANY man…”
  4. Progression
    1. “…drink…from his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.”
  5. Participation

“Note, It is a sign of a bad cause when men cannot bear to hear reason, and take it as an affront to be reminded of its maxims. Whoever are against reason give cause to suspect that reason is against them. See how they taunt him: Art thou also of Galilee?”

– Matthew Henry
(about John 7:52)