Sermons on Church

Sermons on Church

“Challenges of ‘Church'” – September 17, 2017 AM

Acts 20: 1-12 The challenge is church is about… Ministry that is draining (vv. 2-6) What are we tired of? Ministry is about… Activity Ambition What is he trying to do? Run faithfully the race that is before him Moments when you are drowsy (vv. 7-9) Bring in… Deep sleep Dead suddenly Motive of your devotion (vv. 10-12) Our connection Our conviction

“Church Calling” – January 29, 2017

Acts 13: 1-3 Notice the Church… With LEADERS Notice the… Character of these leaders Barnabas Saul Simeon Lucius of Cyrene Romans 16:21 Manaen Call of these leaders With LISTENERS Listeners who are… Active with the Holy Spirit “As they were ministering (worshipping) the Lord…” Aware of the Holy Spirit With LEAPERS (ready to” leap” at whatever the Holy Spirit called them to do”) Leapers who are… Set apart for the Gospel Sent away for the Gospel

“Coming to Church” – May 1, 2016

Acts 1: 12-26 Learn about… The PEOPLE The people were… Reliable Replaceable Judas was highly trusted as the treasurer, but he was replaced. The PRIORITIES The priority of… Prayer (v. 14) Proclamation (v. 15-22) The proclaiming of God’s Word, not our opinions The PROCESS Notice their… Decision Devotion (v. 24)

“Continuing What Jesus Did” – April 24, 2016

Acts 1: 1-11 The FOUNDATION of the Church The work that Jesus did (v. 1) Ref. John 21:25 (“…many other things…”) Ultimately, it is the work Christ did on the cross and His resurrection. The Word that Jesus declared (v. 2-3) The FOCUS of the Church There is a plan that is greater than us There is a power that is given to us The FUTURE of the Church Future to know the purpose of His return to Heaven Future…