'John' Tagged Posts

'John' Tagged Posts

The Good Shephard

Oct. 25, 2015 AM John 10:1-21 Shepherd’s call His call is an… Individual call Inviting call “…leadeth them out…goeth before them.” Shepherd’s care (v.5-10) His care that… Saves “I am the door…by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved.” Satisfies “…find pasture…I am come that they might have life…” Shepherd’s cross (v. 11-21) The reason for the cross The resurrection after the cross (v. 18)

Blinded to Believing

October 18, 2015 AM John 9 Believing is about… Jesus Approaching (v. 35) Notice that Jesus… Allows situations “…They cast Him out…” Is actively seeking Luke 19:10 Romans 3:11 Jesus Asking (v. 35) His asking was… To the point “…do you believe on the Son of God?” For a purpose “…thou believe” Jesus Answering “…and Jesus said unto him…” His answer opens our… Eyes (37a) “…thou has both SEEN Him…” Ears (37b) “…it is He that talketh with thee…”

The Light of the World

October 4, 2015 AM John 8:12-30 We need to be… Listening to Christ – John 8:12 Listening to… His claim “I am the Light of the world…” His call “…He that followeth Me shall not walk in darkness…but light” Also see John 1:4-7 Learning from the conflict – John 8:13-27 Learn About… A Witness (v. 18) A warning (v. 21) Looking to the cross – John 8:28-30 Looking is  about… Beholding the cross Believing the cross

Go and Sin No More

September 27, 2015 John 8:1-11 Notice the… Sin Notice the… Seriousness of her sin (law in Leviticus 20) Shame of her sin Sentence Notice what… Scripture declares Leviticus 20:10 Romans 6:23 James 1:15 Sin deserves Savior Notice what… She recognized He could have legally hit her with a stone (He was without sin) She received A pardon “Neither do I condemn you” A plan “Go and sin no more” John 3:17 “Until you come to Jesus, you are guilty.”

Living Water

September 20, 2015 John 7:37-53 Notice the… Presentation (Feast of Booths) “In the last day (of the feast), that great day of the feast,…” There was no sound, no water in the pitchers – God was yet to fulfill His promise Proclamation “…Jesus cried with a loud voice…” Possession “…if ANY man…” Progression “…drink…from his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.” Participation “Note, It is a sign of a bad cause when men cannot bear to hear reason,…

Fussing At the Festival

September 13, 2015 John 7:1-36 Learn About Being… Committed When Cornered (John 7:2-8) Committed to… His timing (v. 6) His truth (v. 7) Courageous When Confronted (John 7:9-24) Courageous to… The MESSAGE (v. 14) “Their are churches that will appease YOUR doctrine.” The ministry (v. 18) Confident When Challenged (John 7:25-36) Confident because of… His relationship in His Father His return